Poets & Musicians
If you are interested in being considered for a performance spot at the
Pincher Creek Gathering you may submit applications to:

  • Janet Barkwith: (403) 628-3385
  • Bob Westrop:      (403) 627-3567

A submission does NOT constitute a guarantee of performance of any kind.

Gathering 2013 Feature Acts
Friday Evening - 7:30pm
  • Dusty Dee Litchfield
  • The Divine Bovines
  • Shiloh Sharrard
  • Barry Heath
  • Tim Williams
Saturday Evening - 7:30pm
  • Richard Martin
  • Bj Smith
  • Jim Peace
  • Margaret Wilhelm
  • John Wort Hannam
The Pincher Creek

Cowboy Gathering
Celebrating Music & Poetry in the Cowboy Tradition Since 1988
Pincher Creek. Alberta. Canada
Celebrating 26  years!!
        Poets & Storytellers
  Booked For Gathering 2013
  • Buddy Gale
  • Matt Hicken
  • Camel Dave Howell
  • Diamond Doug Keith
  • Poppa Mac
  • Mag Mawhinney
  • Vivia Oliver
  • Bronc Pilling
  • Phyllis Rathwell
  • Bryn Thiessen
  • Ol' Ugly
Musicians Booked For Gathering 2013
  • Ed Brown
  • Noel Burles
  • Bob Davis
  • Alison Demeter
  • Rod Erikson
  • Kathie Friesen
  • Harry n' Jen
  • Bob Holt
  • Perry Jacobson
  • Mary Kaye
  • Hugh Kelly

  • Dusty Dee Litchfield
  • Al Owchar
  • Doug Rawling
  • Matt Robertson
  • Shiloh Sharrard
  • Randy & Rai Smith
  • Jill Stewart
  • Tim Williams
  • John Wort Hannam
Comedy Cowboy Booked For Gathering 2012
  • Bud Edgar

Cultural Dance Booked For Gathering 2012
  • Ariana  Prairie Chicken
  • Sootaa Smith
Branded bootjacks courtesy of Janet Barkwith at "The Smiling Fox Studio". They will be available for sale at Janet's booth in the Horseshoe Pavilion during "The Gathering".
Poets & Musicians
  • The Divine Bovines
  • Gord Pitt & Gus Collee
Although he may be more known for his blues playing, Tim Williams
payed his dues working as a cowboy. It just took him a while to realize that playing music resulted in less (physical) bumps and bruises.
Tim will be telling truths, lies and tall stories on Friday evening!
John Wort Hannam is recognized as one of Canada's foremost
singer-songwriters (as well as one of Southern Alberta's favourite sons).
Although he lives just down the road in Fort Macleod we finally get to welcome him to The Gathering this year when he will provide our Saturday night entertainment.
Mary Kaye - Doug Rawling - Matt Hicken - Ol' Ugly
Matt Robertson - Randy & Rai Smith - Bryn Thiessen
Bronc Pilling & more
Shell Waterton Complex
“Proud to support our community for over 50 years”
A great singin' Cowgal, Mary Kaye will be entertaining Gathering audiences for the very first time this year. She is bound to be a big
crowd-pleaser, so be sure to let her know just how much you appreciate her making the trek North of the border.
A preview of Mary Kaye's latest recording. Hopefully she'll have a few boxes with her. It'll make a GREAT Father's Day gift (HINT!)